Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Ok, well inbetween pretending to study and pretending not to be a raging pisspot I have realised as I am now nearly 30 it`s about time I had some form of crisis (although some may argue my life has already been a string of crises strung together with episodes of neurosis). I have discovered the wonderful" Chola". I am already a huge fan of stereotypes but am bored of all those familiar to me. After some poorly carried out internet searching and consulting two American girls I feel I have a vague understanding of the Latin-American (read:Mexican)ghetto ladies culture (ahem).
Sexy burlesque lady La Cholita describes them as "The best way I can describe a chola is a bombshell with balls. Cholas are the home girls on the block, the ride or die chicks. They live life on the fast lane, yet they pay extra attention to their hair and makeup. They always outline their lips with black eyeliner to accentuate them, have these perfect arched eyebrows, and they always have their nails done. They inhabit all these feminine qualities, but they’re not afraid to throw down"

But I personally think they are just ghetto savage and I love them!!!

3za_2ad_3y3s Pictures, Images and Photos
chola Pictures, Images and Photos
chola Pictures, Images and Photos

SO I am gonna be practising my eyebrow and lipliner application for a little while, I hink I have finally found my destiny; a Mexican ghetto scally girl!! if you need me I`ll be listening to Cypress Hill in a bouncy car x

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Hi everyone!!

Well, its been absolutely ages since I have ben on here but with a combination of having no facebook(it has been confiscated hahha) and a need for procastination I thought I would write a quick blog just to show people what I think is more important than doing my assignment :D
These biscuits awwwww!
cute cookie photos
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This bento box!
cute bento photos
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This little little cuteness!
Cute Baby Animal - What Do Rats Dream?
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This doggy doing its salutation to the sun!
Cute Baby Animal - Party In The Front, Lazy In The Back
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Sun Salutation Pictures, Images and Photos
these wonderful creatures that nobody ever told me about!!!
Cute Baby Animal - Kissybara
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and THIS beautiful waterfall that i will be under in 13 days with my wonderful gentlman celebrating my birthday!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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Saturday, 20 February 2010


WELL. This morning I awoke still drunk after one of my favourite days ever! I spent the morning arsing around while my sister took pictures and caught up on essential hot gossip. Then I had my 1st installment of tattoo removal on my "cool" homemade tattoo from when I was a teenager and actually believed someone called padge was the love of my life and a poorly etched indian ink tattoo was neccesary. After this I drank continuously with my mum,sister, girl mate I haven`t seen for ages and my 2 boys who have been travelling for months........all topped off with a suitable amount of embarrassing myself in front of my friends taxi driver dad..........my life=the dream!
The only thing missing from it now is a steak and THIS chair!

Saturday, 13 February 2010


I LOVE these lady gaga barbies that some clever lady made!!!

She even made the alexander Mcqueen armadillo shoes me and my sister want awwww! little little!

a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_4OYGjUrdllo/SkrQj7Fgw3I/AAAAAAAAYLA/68Or4kv4j-I/s400/gaga.JPG">

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Well, I have now started my penultimate placement and am working at a hospice. It is very humbling and I think I am going to enjoy it. I always thought hospices were just somewhere people went to die but it is so much more-people come for respite,pain management and counciling (patients,family and carers). The whole place only functions from donations given and it is amazing how much people give. There are jacuzzis, a flower room, beautiful gardens and even a hairdresser who works there full time! Anyway, I had just got into this blog malarky but am now back on shifts so it may be a while now. However I just had to leave you with a picture of some more beautiful shoes which I will probably be sporting on my wedding day :D

Sunday, 31 January 2010


Well, the family do went well today and I have been celebrating by looking at all these beautiful shoes!!!

I cannot wait til I qualify and all these beauties will be mine all mine!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Family do

Tonight, I am going to a swanky hotel and staying over for my future mother in laws 60th birthday party. I have been anxious about tonight for sometime as I am going to meet a lot of pies family members I haven`t met before and wanted to make a good impression. In preperation, last night me and my sister had a "ladies night" and fake tanned eachother. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my gloves with me. I woke up this morning and my hands are glowing! I have frantically trawled the internet looking for solutions to my radioactive orange hands. So far today my hands have had a 20 minute soak in lemon juice, a 15 minute "toothpaste mask", have been exfoliated within an inch of their lives, scrubbed with cillit bang, household bleach and sugar and baby oil-nothing has worked! Now my hands are red aswell as orange, wrinkly and withered, and very very sore. I am now going to pies place of work (he is a bus mechanic) in the hope I can borrow some swarfega, before purchasing some hydrogen peroxide on the way back home from the chemists. I just wasn`t born for glamour!
Also I have put some pictures up of disgusting/ridiculous/cool/vile/funny wedding related things I have seen.
Oh! and one more thing! To make things worse I start my placement on Monday at a hospice.............how will anybody let me near their very poorly family members when I look like I emit radiation!! :S


Another one more thing!
I still don`t quite understand this blog malarky so I can`t figure out how to be friends/follow yet :D